Su Mimmi non si spara!

“Su Mimmi non si spara!” is a record and a concert for cello solo, based on an original repertoire, largely written and difficult to define within a genre. Surely Improvisation played an important role during the first creative and genesis part of music, but the closer I came to its final form, the more I felt the need to fix its details. I felt this process necessary to keep me away from those stereotypes that I continually found hidden in improvisation. In a certain sense, I can say that I have treated my music as contemporary classical music, but freeing it through a new expressiveness, which comes from the intensity of the performance and from a physical, sometimes aggressive relationship with the instrument.

         “Su Mimmi non si spara!”, is my third solo album, recorded during 2018, in three intense sessions at Duna Studio in Russi (Ra). The album includes 12 original compositions and it is a representation of an incessant research in terms of new techniques, sound and composition.

“Su Mimmi non si spara!” Will be released for RareNoise records in October 2019