La Testa NO!


Francesco Guerri – cello | electronics 

Andrea Grillini – drums | electronics


“LA TESTA NO!” is an eclectic duo of drums and cello, with a slightly Prog. aftertaste, with notes of Instant Composition and a marked propensity for solid structures and complex architectures. We could also describe it as: harmonically tonal with a renewed neoclassicism that denies the written score and fights, as soon as it can, with the melody.



Malebolge was born from an intense and constant research activity that the two musicians undertake over the course of a few years. On the one hand the starting point was a bare and essential material of a substantially cellistic nature. On the other hand there is the temptation to transform this material (through a refined work of arrangement and timbre research) into complex forms with sometimes orchestral depth.

The sparingly use of electronics goes in the same direction: to add additional layers to an already very wide range of solutions that the two instruments offer in their acoustic dimension.


Malebolge was recorded between August and December 2021 at Duna Studio in Russi and here masterfully mixed and mastered by Andrea Scardovi